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How to Criticise Gently in Your Home Business Online Opportunity

Posted on October 6, 2019 in Uncategorized

I have said in an earlier blog that one should never criticise others when working our home business online opportunity. It is true that we should not criticise, but what happens when somebody actually does something that is not in the best interest of our home business online opportunity? Are we not allowed to criticise them? Well the answer is that it is ok to bring something to someone’s attention, but it is the manner in which it is done that is important. Before you say anything, think of the reason you have for saying it. Is it to destroy the confidence and spirit of the other person? No, it is merely to point out to them that there is something they could be doing differently or better. So you have to be careful when confronting the person, and confronting is a bad word to use in this circumstance as it evokes the idea that it involves a certain amount of aggression, which is what you want to avoid. Instead concentrate on using constructive criticism. Give the person enough positives to ensure their dignity remains intact even after they have heard what it is you need them to correct. The object is to retain the person as a friend/ally/partner but also to get them to change the behaviour that is upsetting to your plans.

To use an Irish expression, you have to ‘butter them up’, before you actually mention that which is upsetting you. Or in the words of Dale Carnegie in his book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, you should a€˜begin with praise and honest appreciation” In many of my previous articles and videos I have spoken about the need not to rush things. Wanting to do things quickly and get them over with will not yield good results. The same applies here. If we do not take the time to approach others with care for their feelings and find the correct words, we will lose them. Nothing can be gained from a crushed spirit. Choose your words carefully. Remember, once spoken, they cannot be taken be taken back.